Miguel Amezola

Professional software development portfolio.

I am a Software Developer at a Cleared Defense Contractor in San Diego, California, who enjoys working on projects that require strong analytical and reasoning skills. My professional work history includes

  • the results-driven approach and solid work ethic needed to go above and beyond for customers,
  • the ability to lead a team in a fast-paced environment, and
  • a strong sense of focus and attention to detail.

When it comes to what I have worked on, I am particularly proud of the educational tools that I have developed. For instance, I created a PHP mathematics website featuring interactive educational tools, implemented with JavaScript and jQuery, that benefitted some 90 students while I worked as a tutor. Many of them regularly used it to reinforce concepts from classroom lectures, try practice quizzes, and work on problem solving techniques. I love mixing mathematics and computer science in a way that customers appreciate.

Furthermore, I have a long list of both academic and personal projects involving object-oriented programming, machine learning, computational mathematics, and modern web technologies. Not only did I have to think creatively and solve the complex problems involved, but I also autonomously managed these projects and gained experience in

  • C#, Java, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, R, PHP,
  • .Net, Angular 2, Laravel,
  • WordPress,
  • Apache, NodeJS,
  • MongoDB, MySQL, and
  • Linux.

For example, in a year long project, I collaborated with two other team members in using machine learning algorithms to develop models for predicting the sets of cellular functions associated with protein sequences. We then used these models in an international bioinformatics competition known as the CAFA3 experiment. Finally, we developed a web application with ReactJS and Python Flask that allows users to interact with the predictive models. All this was implemented using the R Programming Environment, Python, NumPy, Scikit-Learn, ReactJS, AJAX, JSON, Python Flask, and MongoDB.

However, what I am really good at is solving problems and working well in a team. Throughout my entire employment history, I have demonstrated the organizational skills and self-motivation for leaving things better than I found them.